Saved From the Crowd, detail
  I reach toward the void of the unknown by spontaneously drawing lines across a blank surface with glass pen and ink.  This unconscious process of mark making encourages a meditative state that allows me to enter into the unseen world that surrounds everyday existence.  An infrastructure of lines offers me a context to synthesize found images and materials that I discover in my daily journeys. 

I juxtapose and layer the treasures I collect to form beings that are a combination of their larger and smaller selves, part human and part divine.  I imagine them to have recently received notification that it is time to spread their wings and fly.  Each of us responds to this challenge differently.  Forgiveness, acceptance, humility and love allow the openness necessary to sustain major jumps forward in awareness.  Skepticism, fear, hatred and competition build obstacles to opening.           

I find this combination of meditating and synthesizing essential to my work and to the development of my self, both big and small.